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Freshly prepared squid supplied by Wrights of Marino. Lightly cooked in a Thai inspired salt and chilli flour topped with crispy garlic. Served with a juicy lime wedge and our own sweet chilli dipping sauce. 

Thai Style Cod Fillet

Sustainably sourced fresh lightly floured cod fillet from Wrights of Marino served with healthy riceberry rice, steamed greens and our own San Sab spicy sweet chilli sauce.

Thai Style Salmon

Marinated salmon steak supplied from Wrights of Marino served with mixed vegetables and brown rice or riceberry.
Sauce of your choice served on the side : homemade spicy ginger sauce or our sweet chilli sauce.

Sea Bass – Pla Rad Prik

Sea Bass fillet in the classic 3 flavour Thai sauce. Sweet, sour and spicy. Served with steamed jasmine rice and mixed fresh vegetables.

All our meat is produced in Ireland. Vegetables are locally sourced where possible.

San Sab is proud to support local producers.